About HOS

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Who are we?


“There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot…”

- Aldo Leopold



The men of Heart of a Sportsman are definitely a crew who cannot live without wild things. Pursuit of life in the wild is alive and deeply planted in our DNA. Every man here will confess that his soul is stirred by hiking to the top of a mountain, coming to full draw on a monster whitetail buck, or casting a lure into our favorite fishing hole. At Heart of a Sportsman, we could no more separate our love for the wild things than we could separate oxygen from our blood.



We’re not your normal “men’s church group.” In fact, we don’t like being called a church group at all. You’ll find us wearing camo and boots, but you won’t find us wearing a suit and tie. We believe that God had given man dominion over animals and we take dominion seriously. We are obsessed with creation and the one who created it. We’re passionate about what we do. We see following Christ as an adventure … and it’s an adventure that isn’t necessarily a safe one. We are a band of brothers who are in the journey together.